ASKUL is a major Japanese brand with an extensive catalog of more than 40,000 products. Its work process is very established. The way in which they make the agreements, the briefing and the contracts is carried away with extreme delicacy.

These types of projects generate a very beautiful tension, where you want everything to go perfectly. One of the main specifications of this insect repellent is that the insect does not die. We are talking about a naturally scented repellent.

It is a non-invasive and harmonious product for the home. This is the essence of a philosophy where the links of the evolutionary chain are respected. Everything has its function, thus a tiny insect is also part of the ecosystem.

Label Design, Packaging Design

Japan represents a highly developed visual imagery. It is a country that has reinvented itself while preserving its most ancient values. The modern kitchen constantly draws upon this concept; to change, rescue, and evolve under the same basic patterns. That is why we love and value this fundamental part of the philosophy of this country. Thank you!

Each package represents a year, in which the aroma or intensity of the product has changed.