ia Interapothek

Interapothek is one of our biggest clients. For 15 years  we´ve had a close and edifying relationship with Isabel Santos, a great professional and their Marketing Director. Talking to a person on the phone, every week, for such a long time, creates mutual learning around the brand.

This is one of the product varieties,  represented by the Helvetica family. A brand with more than 300 products, sold exclusively in pharmacies, needed a Swiss style typeface to organize the product family.

Graphic system design, Packaging Design, Label Design, Branding, Art Direction

The client is aware of the guidelines for the brand and we have created a series of dogmas: 1. We work with graphics and typography. 2. We omit photographs. 3) We fundamentally advertise with the product and with posters .

It’s nice to see how the brand has grown, in part, thanks to  good design strategy.  After a few years, its  Marketing Department has increased from 2 to 15 people.