Carbonell is Spain’s No. 1 olive oil brand and one of the oldest companies in the country. It is over 150 years old. The project consisted of creating a line of special oils with various cooking functionalities. It is important to understand that not everyone is a connoisseur of olive oil.

Just as there are hundreds of ways to appreciate soy, its varieties, densities, flavor, etc., olive oil also proposes a subtle and complex web of aromas, acidity, taste, color and densities. Thanks to the growing gastronomic culture, international markets are specializing in olive oil heritage. Today, talking about a Manzanilla or a Picual olive and, understanding that olive oil can be made of a blend of olives is more common.

This range of olive oils, very well planned by CarbonellĀ“s former Marketing Director- Enmanuel Pouei, was a beautiful two-way street between the world of wine and oil. They focused on the terroir, the science of oil, and publicizing the effort it takes to make a very elaborate oil for the American market.

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