Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jekyll

Mr. Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jekyll is a project that shows that companies exist due to imagination. It is the result of a personal research in the world of spirits and iconic mystery novels.

The fascinating story of the honest doctor who transforms into a ruthless being. It is an intense analysis of human psychology. Alchemy or ancient spagyria is a wonderful science. It is the metamorphosis of creation. This project reflects a personal interest in learning about ancient alchemists who, by the way, are still practicing and possess great knowledge.

Bottle Design, Structural Design, Packaging Design, Naming, Brand Creation, Brand Storytelling, Label Design, Book Design.

Many years ago, in Costa Rica, a Shaman confessed to me that, sometimes, a small dose of a spirit drink is necessary to endure the stressed society  we live in. It is about freeing the human unconscious. This is what this project proposes.

It took us 6 years to materialize its complete development and, in the process, all the visual parameters, concept and initial storytelling were respected. Both drinks are connected to each other and they become one delicious drink that changes its color.