Package: a container that facilitates the conservation and transportation of the product that it holds, such as, food. An orange is the perfect container, 100% sustainable. It alerts us of the state of the fruit and
preserves the food and all its properties without chemical alterations.

Let’s imagine substituting the PET container, or a traditional carton, with an orange juice. This research began back in 2015 along with two headquarters that study materials. The peel of the orange protects its content in a natural way. It is biodegradable and even offers extra vitamins to the product. The new bylaws and regulations in Europe have opened the door to non-inert packaging. This type of biodegradable container can be used to actively improve the conditions of a food.

Our packaging is a polymer subtracted from the orange peel. The orange peel is, in itself, the container for orange juice. The composition of the fruit peel offers a solution for the future of juice packaging.

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