The primary assignment  for this project was to give a name to the Mediterranean-style restaurant, which was going to be the main focus of a large complex.  The project houses  a casino, bar, restaurant and dinner show located in a very special architectural concept created by Clavel Arquitectos.

Through Naming,  we sought a unifying concept with which to develop the Storytelling for the entire complex. The starting point was to call it ODISEO- Odyssey-  It was a project of great proportions.  At that time, it had been under construction for several years, proposing an adventure parallel to the scope of the poems of HOMER. The Phoenician and Greek foundation caught on the Mediterranean concept, in a geographical area with vestiges from those cultures.

Naming, Brand Creation, Scultural Design, Brand Storytelling, Strategic Narrative, Art Direction, Enviroment Design, Signage Design, Video and Animations

A rabbit is the unifying symbol for this compound. At one time, the Iberian Peninsula was popularly known as the land of rabbits. It was an animal that spread throughout the entire peninsula. This idea was conceived and sought out to give an image of closeness to the powerful building.

We separate the areas with different rabbits, introducing the gastronomic, recreational and leisure options. From the beginning we proposed various types of rabbits designed in small and large proportions.

Creo que este nombre consiguió tener la suficiente fuerza para representar icónicamente a un gran complejo que albergaba cerca de un 80% de zonas de hostelería y ocio.

El hecho de poder apoyarnos en este concepto, ayudó a apartar la idea de indicar en el rótulo inicial el concepto casino.

Una idea de base como es el paralelismo entre la cultura del mestizaje fenicio y griego estuvo avalada por el gran historiador y amigo Pedro Martínez.