One of the most beautiful goals in our profession is to ensure that a design does not age too much or simply withstands the pass of time. SOSO is the illustration of how structural design, good naming and a good brand gain beautiful life, while its structure does not degrade as time passes by.  25 years ago, I moved  from Barcelona  to Murcia, a much smaller city, where design was not very developed. Soon after, I decided to start a Studio, where special importance was given to packaging, the creation of names and the global identity of concepts and brands. I think we did a great job since, nowadays, there are many studios that follow close structures, with a lot of creativity.  The clients are the ones who even go ahead and work hand in hand with you, as, back in the day, we thought we should work. The client understands the definition of naming, what’s a mono-product;  they talk about materials and immerse themselves in the design process in a respectful and participatory way. I think that, after 12 years, SOSO represents that beautiful way with which the Studio continues to present its own work vision.

Product Design, Industrial Design, Packaging Design, Naming, Brand Creation, Art Direction