5.691 working days

Big concepts are under the foam of the beer

© 2014 Eduardo del Fraile    

More than 5,000 days ago I founded my own studio. The idea was to work as an innovative and itinerant restaurant with few tables and a very carefully crafted menu in which I play the role of designer and creative director. I usually work accompanied by an assistant designer as well as with my sister Ana who manages the studio, making my life easier.

I resolve projects by taking a big-picture approach, from naming through to identity, packaging and product design, publishing projects, interactive projects and applications in spaces.

Experience has shown me that a graphic designer can work on a product with a very personal vision. In my case I call it a "symbolic product". I hope you enjoy this selection of projects as much as I enjoyed designing them.

“Eduardo del Fraile takes a direct approach that cuts through the diverse disciplines of design. He links good concepts with very synthetic and well developed formal systems using opposing, decontextualized and humanized elements. He has the ability to relate a strong concept to an argument that sustains the brand or the message to get across. He likes cooking design on a low flame, creating his own differentiating style.“

Xènia Viladàs

Saavedra Fajardo, 7 2.c
30001 Murcia

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